Our tables are made from a single piece of solid wood, 80mm thick and in lengths ranging from 2 metres to 4 metres in 5 different sizes (200cm, 250cm, 300cm, 350cm and 400cm), with a width ranging from 80cm to 110cm.


Meeting the highest quality standards, when evaluating each garment, we look for the best in shape, size, grain quality and structural integrity.


All are varnished with an environmentally friendly varnish and have 2 pre-assembled wooden cross legs so that the table is approximately 750mm high, although iron legs are available.


Suar wood is extracted from the "lluvia" tree whose scientific name is "Samanea Saman". It is a tree that originally grew in tropical climates, in Central and South America, and was later introduced in Asia, in the area of India and Indonesia.


This wood is medium to coarse grained and straight grained but in several cases interlocked. The predominant colours are golden and dark brown. Its density is 600 kg/m3 at 12% humidity. Another characteristic is its hardness of 900 lbs/ft according to the Janka scale.

The warmth of the wood, the cracks it may present, like scars from its life in nature, bring authenticity and make each of our boards a unique and exclusive piece. Its texture, its grain, draws a work that reveals its connection with the Earth and brings us the serenity that emanates from the materials that have always been with us.

Our prices

2.420,00€ ( IVA included )

3.025,00€ ( IVA included )

3.630 € ( IVA included )

4.235€  ( IVA included )

4.840 € ( IVA included)

Cast iron legs                    302,50 € (IVA inclòs )

Delivery period

15 days

Included in the price



(To the whole peninsula)


Other dimensions or legs on request

Lifting aids are not included if required.

If you need more information about our tables or you want one, do not hesitate to contact us.