360º management

A multidisciplinary team and a technical office with excellent professionals and years of experience enable us to develop projects with an integrated vision. This work capability allows us to materialise the designs of any architect or interior designer based on a simple sketch, and simultaneously interact with any client who is looking for solutions that respond to the functional needs of a space.
The way of working used by Llorens Woodworkers is a reflection of its knowledge of traditional craftsmanship and the integration of new technologies, in a unique combination that gives our products and services a seal of distinction.

Joinery and carpentry workshop

We are able to make furniture from the most detailed drawing, and from a minimal idea, a simple sketch, an inspiration or a pre-existing element. Working with architects, interior designers and design professionals, our wood experts will select the most appropriate materials and techniques to ensure the wood reveals all its aesthetic and functional potential and gives an optimal performance in use.
In recent years we have incorporated management and production tools that make it possible to develop digital projects based on a previous design. In the construction phase, robotics and traditional wood craftsmanship are both used, as well as advanced construction processes.

Technical project management

Apart from woodwork, a team of experts offers advice and management capacity in relation to any technical interior project detail. An inclusive point of view about joinery, and having taken part in large-scale complex projects enable us to collaborate with all those involved in the development of the technical project from the initial design, to ensure the best possible result.

Turnkey projects

Relying on professionals who are dedicated to organising and coordinating the work is essential in any new work, refurbishment or restoration project. Our vertical, 360º integration of the different services allows us to provide them in a customised manner to suit each need and in an integrated way, from the design phase to the turnkey construction phase.