Quality and service define Llorens Woodworkers, characterised by a multidisciplinary team and a technical office staffed by first-rate professionals with years of experience. This professional capability means that any design from an architect or interior designer can be made into reality from a simple sketch and also ensures that an open dialogue with the customer who seeks solutions to meet the functional needs of a space is kept open.

Woodworking and carpentry workshop

We can make your furniture into reality using anything from a detailed blueprint to a mere idea, a simple sketch, a source of information or existing element. In cooperation with architects, interior designers and design professionals, our wood experts will select the best materials and techniques to ensure that the design reaches its full aesthetic and functional potential and performs flawlessly when put into use.





Technical project management

project-management frllorens.comIn addition to woodworking, our expert team offers consulting and management services for any aspect of the technical interior design project. Underpinned by our experience in complex and large-scale projects, our holistic approach to woodworking means working closely with everyone involved in the technical development of the project, based on an initial design for excellent results.



Turnkey project

Working with professionals who are experts in project organisation and coordination is crucial for new construction, renovation and restoration work. The vertical and 360° integration of various services allows us to perform individual and customised work as well as provide a holistic approach from conception to completion of the turnkey construction project.

150 years dedicated to what we do best: woodworking.